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Below is a collection of notes for various exams and courses that I have TAed. These are not comprehensive, but may be useful for students to use as a reference in the preparation.

These notes are for the qualifying exam at UCLA, which felt like learning an entirely new language. The samples here have the flavor of the PDEs in Evans' text and ODEs like those in the text of Strogatz and of Bender and Orzag.

These are notes for the cruelly named exam UCLA gives incoming grad students. It draws from a mix of real analysis and linear algebra problems.

I TAed for this course (164) at UCLA numerous times, and these notes provide snippets from my lectures.

These notes are for the qualifying exam at UCLA, which covers standard numerical methods in applied math.

This might be my favorite class to TA since it introduces so many new ideas that are key to getting "under the hood" of the theorems in my research. 

I TAed for this course (146) at UCLA, which is a sort of optimization class with a more variational flavor. The notes are a bit jumbled as this course was newly revived at UCLA and not yet standardized.

* Please use my contact form to request a password for these notes. They cannot be posted since they contain so many solutions drawn primarily from a single textbook.